30 October 2009

Outfit - Oct. 28

While black is my staple, I'm not a black and white minimalist. Color is my game. I don't experiment with texture or patterns like the lovely Queen Michelle. But I gave it a shot today.

From the front, delicate school girl...

Oct. 28

And from the side...

Oct. 28 - Awesome tights

Awesome tights and heels.

The two tone tights got reactions from a few people. My family and friends were surprised when I turned around and said it was such a brilliant idea. (Thanks Chanel for inspiring knock offs!) They are surprisingly thick and sturdy. Bonus? They're reversible.

These heels are a great twist on the regular black Mary Jane. Just high enough to make me look good and not high enough to feel like Chinese foot binding. Great compromise.

29 October 2009

Flickr Fetish

Flickr is a handy photography website. It's easy to browse and easy to upload, organize, and share your own work. Best of all? You can see who favorites your photos or placed them into galleries.

The downside? You can see who favorites your photos.

Edward is the ultimate creep (photo from here)

Flickr is crawling with fetishists. It is inevitable with it being the internet and the existence of Rule 34*. So I am not too surprised that there are people with 500 favorites of women in plaid skirts and nylons. While that is impressive due to the person's dedication and thoroughness, it is very creepy.

These people are very easy to spot. Usually they have no pictures if their photo stream. If they do have any of their own pictures, it's photos of their fetish. Then their favorites are nothing but the most specific niche you can think of. Women in tights, men wearing a particular color of denim, or red silk (and only silk) scarves.

Note to any Flickr fetishists out there: You can easily disguise yourself if you posted other things. If I see someone who has favorited nothing but their particular fetish, then it is creepy. If someone has a mixture of things, like some pictures of airplanes or animals, I'm more likely to think they are saving my pictures for fashion - rather than sexual - inspiration. If you're that desperate, just bookmark or save the photos. We just don't want to know.

Flickr fetishists are not a huge problem. I don't want to give that impression. Fortunately, Flickr makes it easy to ban someone from favoriting your photos, so you don't have to be reminded about THAT CREEPY GUY that keeps commenting on pictures of your shoes.

I have nothing against other people's kinks. You have a thing for women's hands? Sure, whatever. Like seeing men dress up as clowns? Knock yourself out. But I do not want to be involved in strangers' sex lives. By favoriting a picture, it is publicly announcing that you're including this photograph into your sexual routine, whatever that might be.

Everyone has a right to whack off as needed. I also have a right to not know about it. Ew.


* Rule 34 - "If something exists, porn of it exists. No exceptions."

28 October 2009

27 October 2009

Corgi Tuesday - October 27

This isn't Blazer but it is probably the best picture ever. The corgi has the look of "Oh god why are you doing this to me?"

I really hate my old habit of saving photos without labeling where they came from. I cannot find whose corgi this is nor where I even got it. If you know whose picture this is, please let me know!

26 October 2009

Outfit for Oct. 20 + Pumpkin time!

Pumpkin time with dog

I haven't posted many outfits lately because I've been gainfully employed as a substitute teacher. Horrah.

Pumpkin time: Cat pumpkin

I finally carved a pumpkin. Unfortunately I fucked up and drew the guidelines directly on the pumpkin rather than on a piece of paper. Oh well. My cat jack 'o' lantern turned out pretty cute.

Since I carved a pumpkin, that means...

Pumpkin seeds

Roasted pumpkin seeds! They were delicious and are an excellent way to carry salt to your mouth.

New Week; New Wallpaper - 10-26-09

Halloween isn't Halloween without sheet-like ghosts. Usually I prefer the Charlie Brown-esque ghosts, but Charlie Brown rarely makes a good week-long wallpaper. So here are two cute wallpapers in two different flavors in case you're allergic to red wallpaper coloring.

GHOSTS! from VladStudio
(click here for multiple sizes)

GHOSTS (in blue)! by VladStudio
(click here for various sizes)

21 October 2009

Wolf shirt run down

Once again we see how wolf shirts - formerly a staple of furries and nerdy wolf enthusiasts - have risen to become a staple of hipsters and fashion enthusiasts. Once again Modcloth provides an interesting example.

This shirt is actually pretty awesome. I would consider wearing it myself. It barely qualifies as a wolf shirt. We don't even see the wolf itself; we only see the silhouette of a wolf against an album cover.

This doesn't cut it for me. Nerdy wolf shirts are funnier.

The Hunter

Having a giant snarling wolf face on your torso reminds me of the werewolf in "Vampire Hunter D".

Fuck the werewolves in Twilight.

Actually, you should just wear this picture on your chest instead. Instead of people going, "Nice shirt nerd," they will say, "Holy crap, that man has a wolf head exploding out of his stomach!" And everyone loves Vampire Hunter D, even non-nerds. In fact, you would be better off watching Vampire Hunter D than reading the rest of this post.

What a misleading shirt. People who wear wolf shirts are very gentle people. Sure they might be gentle because they are terrified of social interaction and those type of guys are prone to stalking you through Facebook, but they never would bare their teeth and growl. What a silly notion.

It's Rorschach test. If you see a gothic butterfly, good for you. If you see wolves and deer skulls, then what the hell is wrong with you?

I would wear this shirt too because it's not very wolf shirt-y. The shirt is heavy on the Legend of Zelda and light on the wolf. What kind of nerd would I be if I didn't love Legend of Zelda?

What embodies the good ol' USA more than a spectral wolf floating over Mt. Rushmore plus a phrase that people use to make fun of the War on Terror?

20 October 2009

Corgi Tuesday - October 20

Bananas = comedy. Corgis = funny lookin'. Banana + corgi = oh god what is this.

This isn't a corgi, actually. I originally thought it was a corgi but that tail suggests that this dog is not. This is an awful costume still.

19 October 2009

New Week; New Wallpaper - 10-19-09

penguin wallpaper

By GLC (me)
Click image for larger and different sizes

My own black cat, Penguin. We found him as a half starved, freezing black ball of fluff (with a speckle of white on his chest) on a chilly October night. He is the perfect Halloween cat. He's turned all black (negating his name) with big loving green eyes.

Here he is outside, enjoying early autumn.

16 October 2009


I love Gilt's models. These pretty women make skirts look about three inches shorter than they are in reality. I love the crazy outfits the men are forced into.

Gilt is artistic with the splash images for sales. There's a 1 in 4 chance that I'll click on an image because I can't tell exactly what they are selling. Usually it's because I can't tell if they are selling pants or shoes until I see the product list.

Today I could see clearly that there were some scarves for sale.

You can tell they are selling scarves because this poor model model is being strangled by eight damn scarves at once! Poor woman. She's struggling under the weight of all those scarves. It's like the Gap's new cardigan all over again.

Costumes to Avoid: Baby edition

A costume for your baby is probably the last thing on your mind. You're more preoccupied with learning to sleep while standing or finding out just how much fluid volume a baby can hold. So I'll keep this short and show you what you should not put your baby or toddler into.

The idea of a boxer costume is not bad at all. However, you have to realize that putting boxing gloves on a small child will result in more than one person getting punched in the genitalia.

You're thinking, "Oh, we could get more than one use out of it if we take him to Star Trek conventions." Please stop thinking that or else your child will grow up to be exaclty like those jocks that bullied you in high school.

Now the two most poorly concieved costumes:

I am speechless.

If you put a child in this costume, you should have your kid taken away. Why? Because if you put a baby in a whoopie cushion and take him/her to a party, someone will think it's funny to sit on your baby. It won't be funny for long.

15 October 2009

Wolf shirt in dress form

I've written about wolf shirts and how they seem to be coming into fashion. As in they are being accepted and bought by people who should better.

Recently Modcloth showcased a wolfshirt dress.

Product description: "Be a leader of the fashion industry in this high quality knit, maxi length dress! Perfect for the fashion school student who wants to be trendy and comfortable when spending late hours and early mornings in the sewing and drawing studios, or traipsing through the museum to get inspiration for your next project! 'Howl' should you style this dress? We suggest wearing it with a brown western belt, cute furry cropped vest, and a derby hat, and you'll have a fierce fashion 'pack-ed' look!"

Modcloth is prone silly puns and overly enthusiastic description and that's usually charming. However I can't get over how they suggest wearing it when you don't care what look like (late hour and early morning projects?). On top of the fact this is just a long wolf shirt, they describe the worst outfit possible. A long dress with a furry vest and a derby hat? Sounds just great.

Anyway, I'm still waiting for anime shirts to get popular with the fashion crowd.

Costumes to Avoid: Girls edition

When I was a little girl, I thought the question "What do you want to be when you grow up?" meant the same thing as 'What do you want to be for Halloween?" I would always answer that I wanted to be a cat or an angel, which left a lot of grown ups confused. I can't explain why I mixed those two up. The logic of five-year-olds is lost once you move past that age.

Anyway, to the little girl costumes!

Sexy Firefighter's Costume

This costume is ok even though it is a "Anything + Female = Sexy!" costume. I am worried that this was listed in the young girl's section.

Gretal costume

Nothing wrong with the costume itself. But perhaps "Hansel and Gretal" is not the best theme to explore on the night you send your children to strangers' houses to ask for snacks. They'll find a delicious house, get kidnapped by a witch, and the next thing you know your son is on trial for manslaughter of the witch.

Hello Kitty Charleston

Flapper + Hello Kitty = ????? WHY???

Cap & Gown Costume

I heard that there are little graduation ceremonies for kids in elementary school and whatnot. Provided you go to the right school, this costume could go double duty. The downside is that your child has to like "High School Musical" and you don't want a child like that.

Plus sized Tracy from "Hairspray"

Ironically, cruelly, (or perhaps appropriately) this costume is available in plus sizes only. Ouch.

Now for something a little different: The Best Costume!

Fuck. Yeah. I love this costume so much that I really wish they had it in adult size. I love this unicorn thing so much that I would wear it around on non-Halloween days, like on Saturday afternoons on a long walk out in public. Business meetings, court appearances, weddings, work days, church. There are no situations that cannot be improved by strapping a stuffed unicorn to your waist.

Most of all, I love it because I saw it in a funny portrait in the Nation Portrait Gallery's Photographic Portrait Prize 2007 (check out some of the other portaits).

14 October 2009

Outfit for Oct. 7, 2009

Oh right. This blog is mostly about fashion and clothes, not my crazy Halloween obsession.

Oct 7, 2009

Yep. Skinny jeans. Never thought I'd do it but they look nice and don't make my hips resemble the wide pelvises of ancient fertility goddesses, which tends to happen with skinny jeans.

13 October 2009

Corgi Tuesday - October 13

Not my corgi again. And once again, I apologize for the lack of credit.

Instead of a costume, I found a picture of a corgi in a horror movie situation. A corgi replaces Shelley Duvall in The Shining...

Heeeeeere's Johnny!

12 October 2009

New Week; New Wallpaper - 10-12-09

Silent Hill screenshot of Heather
click for large - 1440px × 900px

You can't get more Halloween than Silent Hill. A haunted, semi-alive town that exist solely to spawn horrible things from your darkest subconscious fears? More than a little spooky.

10 October 2009

Costumes to Avoid: Boy's Edition

Children do not always make the best choices, especially if dressing up and candy is involved. But sometimes parents can make just as bad of decisions.

Wolf Costume

I title this "My First Fursuit: Furry in Training".

If a kid is not old enough to have seen the movie his costume is based on, then he can't wear it. Call me old fashioned but I wouldn't let a young kid see "Child's Play". Then again I seem to be the only person in the showing of "Pan's Labyrinth" that thought someone should not have brought her four and five year old children to see it.

While ten year old boys may love toilet humor, actually putting your child in this will cause them a lot of problems later on in life.

There is no way in Xenu's name that a child asked to be dressed like this, especially for trick or treating. Either this costume was used for an elementary school version of Amadeus or the world's most unlucky boys were forced into these costumes by their well meaning but misguided mothers.

General Mills' Lucky Charms Leprechaun Costume

This is a costume for a family on the budget. What to dress your child up for both St. Patrick's Day and Halloween, but don't want to pay for two costumes? Never fear. This costume doubles as a leprechaun and a walking advertisement.

That gingerbread man swallowed that kid whole like a snake! Oh my god, you can see the terror in the child's eyes as he's slowly being engulfed by a pastry!

07 October 2009

Costumes to Avoid: Women edition

Women's costumes unfortunately fall into three categories: literal interpretations of phrases, sexy versions of whatever you can think of, and outfits that may double as something to role play in the bedroom.

We'll start off with a literal interpretation of "trophy wife". I bet anyone who wears this costume is 1) not hot enough to be called a trophy wife, and 2) will trip over the label that explains their costume.

It's not the outfit; it's the fact she's doing a sexy pose in a dog costume. I am terribly afraid that this appeals to someone's fetish out there.

When I think "sexy costume", Sherlock Holmes is not what I had in mind.

This borders on "wearing it to appease my nerdy partner's fetish for The Matrix". But failing anything, you do get a PVC outfit that would be more expensive and just as badly made at Hot Topic.

If you're boyfriend requests that you dress like a flamboyant, underage sidekick in a questionably legal partnership, you might consider that your boyfriend is batting for the wrong team.

Princess Leia Slave costume

Now any man with a willing partner can live out the fantasies he had when he was 12 and saw "Return of the Jedi".

I could repeat the same joke here but this costume is from "A New Hope" rather than "Return of the Jedi."


The costume itself isn't bad. But it was listed under women's costumes, which makes me think of how a woman might wear this to attract a man. Stranger things have happened at Comic-Con.

Sexy Eskimo

If you want to wear an extremely thin and ineffective park with no pants, be my guess. I'm not sure how often "sexy" and "Eskimo" go together but to each their own.

Oh come on. It's a sexy Hermione costume from Harry Potter, in a terrible clash of a sexy schoolgirl and a love for pen and paper RPGs. You are not fooling anyone, Wanda. By the way, "Wanda Wizard" would make a great stripper name.