25 November 2008

Corgi Tuesday: Lobster dog

Not my dog. It's a photo for selling lobster costumes for pets, but I'm going to guess that lobster dog costumes did not sell well due to this picture.

24 November 2008

Outfit - Nov 18

Some color finally!

Shift -Basic black turtleneck
Skirt - Johnathan Saunders for Target (clear-ranced!)
Tights - Navy ????
Shoes - Black dancing shoes

In general, this outfit was well received. However, someone did say (eclipses included) that I looked like "a big... gothic... ballerina."

Outfit - Nov. 17

Hat - Target
Dress - Target
Tights - ????
Shoes - Aerosole

I apologize for my absence but between applications, school work, and last minute things due before Thanksgiving break, I forgot about this blog. Just a little bit.

18 November 2008

Topshop - Fantasy Horse T-Shirt

Amongst fashion bloggers, there is a sort of an unspoken competition of who can wear the wackiest, most unusual, and/or more unique clothing. This sometimes goes overboard but it's usually all for the good of creative dressing.

However, then I saw a picture of topshop's horse shirt...

Topshop - Fantasy Horse Tee

See, amongst nerds and geeks, there is a hierarchy of who is less of a loser. A computer programmer who wears khakis and a white shirt every single day sees himself better than a guy who wears a Dragon Ball Z anime shirt. Wolf - or horse - shirts are looked down upon by about everyone, except furries.

So Topshop is selling the equivalent of nerd-rejected fashion to better dressed people.

Below : A comparison between the above pictured horse shirt and a stereotypical geeky wolf shirt.

I can't wait for Topshop to start selling Dragon Ball Z shirts.

Corgi Tuesday: Artistic Photography and a shortlegged dog

Blazer acts far tougher than he actually is. When I go hiking at the state park, he comes along and runs like mad. He covers twice as much ground as I do yet never strays far from me. Being a total weenie, he runs 20 feet ahead, gets scared that I'm too far away from him, and then runs back to him. Repeat every ten feet.

Thank goodness he's photogenic, otherwise I'd be irritated by him.

If hobbits were dogs, they'd be corgis

17 November 2008

Gap Commercial

I know a lot of bloggers love Selma Blair and many people enjoy this commercial...

... But if you reverse the genders in this clip, suddenly it's a lot less funny and a lot more creepy. Date rape creepy.

Plus Selma Blair looks like she is planning on how she is going to cook him and how she is going to hide the bones.

13 November 2008

Fashion snark : Golden Leggings

Damn it all to Xenu!

Forever21 - Metallic Leggings

I was hoping the two horrible trends from American Apparel - gold leggings AND leggings as pants - would not stray too far their homegrown porn website, but it looks like metallic gold leggings as pants has come to Forever21.

Already there is an epidemic of leggings-as-pants syndrome, particularly around Walmart parking lots. The gold metallic symptom is a sign that this disease is fatal or, at least, should be fatal.

Did I just advocate culling people who wear gold leggings? That's for you to decide.

12 November 2008

You Only Wish You Were This Awesome - Joseph Ducreux

At some point in our life, we like to think of ourselves as being awesome. Not awesome in that "filling with awe" sort of way, but the "I'm the coolest baddest mother-effing human being" kind of awesome.

Well, we will never be the most awesome person on the planet because Batman has already been invented. But there are several real people we can look up to as an inspiration for awesome.

One of those people is Joseph Ducreux.

Pimping Pose by an awesome dude

According to Wikipedia, Joseph Ducreux was French portrait painter, pastelist, miniaturist, and engraver. He painted portraits for Marie Antoinette, King Louis XVI and other famous people but those all pale in comparison to his famous self portraits done in the 1780s.

Ducreux was trying to break free from the stiff limitations of portraiture and engage in real expression, wether it be an alarmed face asking for silence, being in the middle of a yawn, or guffawing at the audience in a very pimp-esque pose. Two centuries ago, he painted himself to be what would become known as humorous image macros, but without the obnoxious text, obviously.

You can only wish you were as awesome as this guy.

(More serious biographical information that is not Wikipedia.)

11 November 2008

New Feature: Corgi Tuesday

The title of the blog is a bit misleading if you stumbled across it looking for yet another website dedicated to corgis. But it's just a style blog dedicated to things I love and one thing I love is corgis.

Corgis are awesome. They are built like a brick so you can wrestle with them but they are small enough that you can pick them up if needed. They are loud, energetic, stubborn, too smart, and shed insane amounts of fur nonstop year round. But mostly they are the most cute thing ever.

Inspired by Gala Darling's Things I Love Thursdays, Corgi Tuesday will be featured every... well, every Tuesday. It will be something about this stupid looking dogs. Sometimes a picture of my own or a random pictures from the vast wastelands of cyberspace.

This is Blazer. He's the family's fat 6-year-old corgi. Since I'm at college, he lives with my dad who does nothing but complain about the amount of fur this dog generates. But he is still an awesome dog. He loves everyone, especially strangers that he can easily trick into giving him food. He is one cute motherfucker.

Enjoy Corgi Tuesday!

08 November 2008

Voting Day - Outfit Nov. 4

I'm an American and I did not vote on November 4.

My state allows early voting, so I went to the polls over a week prior to voting day. Early voting rocks because I am an obsessive compulsive person who likes to check every single thing off her to-do list ASAP.

T-shirt - Target
Skirt - My little sister didn't want it so I took it.
Gold flat sandals - Target
Necklace - It says "LOVE"; an appropriate message for the day

Nonetheless, I sailed through the day without really wanting to think about politics. See, in the past years elections are always called long after I've decided to go to bed. To my surprise, I checked CNN right before I went to sleep and found out, not only did my chosen presidential candidate had won, but so did congressmen, governor, local school board, and at least one local ordinance. So I stayed up longer, watched Obama's acceptance speech and felt awesome.

I don't have any patriotic clothing anymore. I used to get a lot of American flag/post-9/11 propaganda t-shirts for my brithday every year because my birthday is the day before Independence Day. But I donated most of the shirts to charity because I realized they were hideous. However, I kept one for a long time. Until last year, this piece of history resided in my dresser:

Yes, those are sparkly puppies and kittens wearing American flag acessories and the words "AMERICA"S TEAM".

I rarely wore this, but it is such an awful shirt that it comes around and is awesome again. It's someone else's now and that person will actually use instead of trying to wear it ironically but chickening out at the last second and changing into a less stupid looking shirt.

Halloween Outfit - Oct. 31

Hurr, in the excitement of Halloween, law school applications, and the US election, I forgot to post my costume.

The story behind it is... well, it's a souvenir. I was in Munich last year, right after Oktoberfest and Halloween. I saw these dresses and thought, "I'm gonna wear that, even if it's just at Halloween or the Chicago fake German festivals. This is the best costume and it will be my costume for life."

I don't live in this German speaking college house/dorm. My friend and I were nearby (wearing out costumes) and I said, "I'm dressed German and that building has a giant German flag on it. Let's take pictures!" So my friend, wearing a coconut bra and a grass skirt, took my pictures.

German dirndl, apron - Munich, Germany
Blouse - Munich, Germany
Tights - The cardboard suitcase in my room
Socks - Target
Shoes - Aerosole
Choker - Piece of ribbon

Supposedly, a guy was walking around on campus dressed in lederhosen and full German gear. People thought we were a couple or had planned but I haven't a clue who that fucking guy is. Although people talked about our matching outfits, we never ran into each other and therefore never got a picture.

07 November 2008

Politics '08

Look, I'm really happy about the election and the fact anyone I voted for actually won this time around, but I was a bit jarred by Michelle Obama's dress during the acceptance speech.

Everyone's worried her husband's going to be shot and that dress looks like its splattered with blood. Or she's a black widow spider.

No wait... First Gothic First Lady?