19 October 2009

New Week; New Wallpaper - 10-19-09

penguin wallpaper

By GLC (me)
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My own black cat, Penguin. We found him as a half starved, freezing black ball of fluff (with a speckle of white on his chest) on a chilly October night. He is the perfect Halloween cat. He's turned all black (negating his name) with big loving green eyes.

Here he is outside, enjoying early autumn.


WendyB said...

"I can haz autumn??"

a corgi said...

he's adorable and I love his name!


GLC said...

Wendy - Nice. Lol cats are always a good response.

Betty - Thanks. He's a beauty and a real cutie, although dumb as a box of rocks. But that's always true.

soirée enterrement de vie de célibataire Paris said...

He's so cute.