15 October 2009

Wolf shirt in dress form

I've written about wolf shirts and how they seem to be coming into fashion. As in they are being accepted and bought by people who should better.

Recently Modcloth showcased a wolfshirt dress.

Product description: "Be a leader of the fashion industry in this high quality knit, maxi length dress! Perfect for the fashion school student who wants to be trendy and comfortable when spending late hours and early mornings in the sewing and drawing studios, or traipsing through the museum to get inspiration for your next project! 'Howl' should you style this dress? We suggest wearing it with a brown western belt, cute furry cropped vest, and a derby hat, and you'll have a fierce fashion 'pack-ed' look!"

Modcloth is prone silly puns and overly enthusiastic description and that's usually charming. However I can't get over how they suggest wearing it when you don't care what look like (late hour and early morning projects?). On top of the fact this is just a long wolf shirt, they describe the worst outfit possible. A long dress with a furry vest and a derby hat? Sounds just great.

Anyway, I'm still waiting for anime shirts to get popular with the fashion crowd.


WendyB said...

You know, I kinda love that dress. I'd go for that before any of the Christopher Kane animal stuff 'cos everyone's got those. Oh my God, I'm tempted! Help! Howlp!

GLC said...

Resist Wendy! There are a couple better (non wolf) versions on Modcloth. There's a decent looking horse dress and a cat one too. Go with those instead!