26 July 2009

Models: Benjamin Brixby's dude

For what little talent I have for female fashion, I have even less at male fashion. Despite my inability to rarely care about men's clothes beyond wolf shirts, I thought this model (found modeling Benjamin Brixby on Gilt) was pretty snazzy.

Sure his coat looks eerily like mine and the bow tie is a little odd but damn, that is a sweet coat and those are some sweet shoes.

Unfortunately about two pictures away he starts to dress like a crazy person and continues to that look for the rest of the page. While the clothes on a whole are not bad, throwing all of them together at once looks odd. On the left I'm convinced he is wearing some country's flag. On the right he is a used car salesman who bought his clothes back in 1976 and has aged much better than my parents have.

He also is pictured wearing a tie with a cricket player. Like many a SciFi Channel movie, I can't tell if it's so bad it's good or if it's just plain bad. Either way I would buy this tie as an ironic Father's Day Present that, like many other "hilarious gifts", my dad just does not understand.


Anonymous said...

Lol bow ties. The quick and easy way to instantly ruin any look.

GoodLookingCorgi said...

It doesn't ruin all looks. If you are trying to look like a wacky old man who doesn't give a fuck about what other people think, then a bow tie is cool. Your options are limited outside of that though.