31 May 2010

New Week; New Wallpaper - May 31

Unknown artist
Click image for larger - 1187 pixels x 741 pixels

School's over with it. I'm no longer a substitute teacher. It's summer for me. Nothing spells summer like bright sunny skies, lazing about in a swimsuit, and clear waters.

24 May 2010

New Week; New Wallpaper - May 24

Love Beyonce? Love cartoon inspired art? Do you want to have the Single Ladies song stuck in your head all week?

Well, I've got just the desktop for you!

Click image for large - 1440x900

19 May 2010

Stripper Shoes

Dear Victoria's Secret:





I know you're a lingerie shop, but for the love of enjoyable trashy clothing, there's are better looking stripper shoes out there. Stop selling the ugly ones.

With love,

18 May 2010

Corgi Tuesday - May 18

I don't usually browse Cute Overload often because I would only waste even more of my life looking at cat pictures. But thankfully I stopped there and discovered that a little short legged breed of dog was the main features.

"Hey y’all, Cowboy Drumsticks McLongbody here, and I reckon y’all here to see me wrangle some o’ them wild horses and dangerous bulls! Well, I’ll be right ready to go just as soon as I top off this shot of Jim Bea –zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"

17 May 2010

New Week; New Wallpaper - May 17

Click image for larger - 1600x1200

As established yesterday, I love rainbows. Pride Parades are the place to be. When I was a kid, I have rainbow Lisa Frank folders and pencils. my current mouse glows different colors in rainbow order as I move it. How cool is that? Fucking rainbows!

16 May 2010


Like every six year old girl in the 1980's, I had this picture or something similar to it in my bedroom. My folders had unicorns and kitties. My sticker collection was 50% cats, and 45% unicorns, and 5% Hot Wheels.

Obviously I would have loved Robot Unicorn Attack as a child.

Robot Unicorn Attack is a straight forward flash game. You jump on platforms, collect fairies, dash through stars, and try not to crash or fall to your death.

The beauty is in the details. There are rainbows EVERYWHERE. You explode into robot parts when you die. Your fairies are made of rainbows. Pink dolphins appear as you build up speed. You are a robot made of unicorns and rainbows. Rainbows! And the most relaxing song ever written plays in an endless loop.

Tangentially related, it inspired one of the best/worst/most unplayable maps in Team Fortress 2.

Rainbows and koth_always make scout cry

13 May 2010

Free Tibet- I mean, Portal

You! Yes, you! Do you like free stuff and never win giveaways? Or are you one of those ridiculously lucky people who wins giveaways? Either way, I bet you like free stuff.

Valve has decided to released one of their most popular games, Portal, for free from yesterday until May 24th.

Yes, this is legit and not a phishing scam. No, it's not a trial or a free weekend to entice you to buy the game. It is a free game and you can keep it. If you download before May 24th, you get to keep playing Portal forever for free.

Portal is a first person shooter, puzzle solving game. You are the mute Chell, a test subject awakened in Apeture Science Labs. You use a gun that shoots portals to move blocks, reach impossible to reach places, fling yourself around with the help of physics, and listen to female version of HAL 9000 who has a dark sense of humor.

Here is howto do it (skip to step 3 if you already have Steam):
1. Go to Steam.
2. Download the Steam interface and get an account (this is always free).
3. Go here.
4. Install free game.
5. Play Portal and have fun.
6. CAKE.

Why should you get Portal?

Everyone loves Portal, in its funny, vertigo inducing goodness. Even game critic Yahtzee admitted he had no criticism for it. It's a good length of 2-3 hours, you have a gun that shoots holes through time and space, and it is like being trapped in an Apple programming factory while an iPad is trying to kill you.

Also it is a game you can play on the Mac natively. Shock and awed me too.

06 May 2010

Corgi (late) Tuesday: The Daily Corgi and so much more

A few months ago, I won a book from Laurie over at The Daily Corgi.

The book didn't contain corgis but do you know what was on the envelope Laurie sent me? A hand drawn cartoon corgi form Laurie! I couldn't be more thrilled than if I won a giant over sized novelty check from Publishing Clearing House. I mean, I'm checking the mail and BOOM! Corgi face brightens my day.

Hell yeah!

Know what's even better? Laurie is having a corgi themed giveaway. Send her your name and location and you might win something. And then check back every day there for more cute dogs. Who doesn't love corgi themed items, especially if they are free?

And again I apologize for the lack of updates. A combination of being busy, laziness, Valve's broken updates and cock teasing about the Engineer update, replacing a hard drive, and not having Photoshop have made updating harder than I would like to admit.