10 October 2009

Costumes to Avoid: Boy's Edition

Children do not always make the best choices, especially if dressing up and candy is involved. But sometimes parents can make just as bad of decisions.

Wolf Costume

I title this "My First Fursuit: Furry in Training".

If a kid is not old enough to have seen the movie his costume is based on, then he can't wear it. Call me old fashioned but I wouldn't let a young kid see "Child's Play". Then again I seem to be the only person in the showing of "Pan's Labyrinth" that thought someone should not have brought her four and five year old children to see it.

While ten year old boys may love toilet humor, actually putting your child in this will cause them a lot of problems later on in life.

There is no way in Xenu's name that a child asked to be dressed like this, especially for trick or treating. Either this costume was used for an elementary school version of Amadeus or the world's most unlucky boys were forced into these costumes by their well meaning but misguided mothers.

General Mills' Lucky Charms Leprechaun Costume

This is a costume for a family on the budget. What to dress your child up for both St. Patrick's Day and Halloween, but don't want to pay for two costumes? Never fear. This costume doubles as a leprechaun and a walking advertisement.

That gingerbread man swallowed that kid whole like a snake! Oh my god, you can see the terror in the child's eyes as he's slowly being engulfed by a pastry!


a corgi said...

sadly I'm sure you could find these costumes to buy somewhere in a store or catalog

the toilet one was the weirdest of the bunch for me


GLC said...

A toiler costume will pretty much ruin a child's self esteem for life.