30 September 2009

Sergio Rossi sells weird shoes

Gilt is a special place. It is a place where two day long sales suggest that some people have $5,000 it throw away at a moment's notice. To be fair, they do have really great sales, especially after the end of seasons. even I've managed to buy a couple affordable things and I'm the kind of person who fails at eBay 90% of the time.

We already touched on the absurdities of Gilt once. Yesterday, there was a sale for Sergio Rossi's shoes and bags. Double-u tee eff. There were python boots, goat boots, crocodile everything, and so much more. I picked my favorite three to show you. And yes, those are the prices. And yes, most of these have already been sold out.

A goat haired boot that looks like Cousin It. Rainbow striped crocodile boots. Mink embellished sandals.

All I can ask is, "Why?" I am afraid that the answer is most likely "Why not?" or "cha-ching $$$$$ cha-ching".

28 September 2009

New Week; New Wallpaper - 9-28-09

It's a joke today.

artist unknown
click image for large - 1600 × 1000

You could show this to your mom. She might not get it right away but she might laugh too, so it's worth the risk. You could show this to all the middle aged women in your office but then they'll never leave you alone and will want to show every other coworker your computer. And sometimes you don't want everyone to see how much porn you've saved to your desktop.

25 September 2009

Outfit for Sept. 23

If I weren't such a raging workaholic feminist, I'd be a 50's housewife just for the stereotypical clothes. Plus I like cleaning. Hate cooking though.

Sept 23

I usually don't like too sweet. As in previous outfits, I like to toughen up feminine outfits with these sandals or boots. Can't be too sweet and girly. God forbid. The world may end.

Sept. 23 - minus the cardigan

Crazy Shit I have Witnessed - Free Bass Lessons

A few months ago, I was waiting in a small, empty train station in the early morning hours. The station was only one room and a bathroom so there wasn't much to look at.

To one side of the station was a empty, large board for people to post announcements for local events and ads. There was only one ad posted.

Free bass lessons

Thank Xenu for cellphone cameras.

This sign is clearly a trap set by a serial killer. That is the only explanation I am willing to accept.

24 September 2009

Outfit for Sept. 20

I love autumn. I really can't wait for it to stop being 75+ and muggy all the damn time. Time for muted colors, Halloween oranges, and boots. Away with the strappy tank tops, the strappy heels, and the strappy... I'm out of straps.

Outfit for Sept. 20

Bonus dog sighting for my new readers from The Daily Corgi:

Blazer and me

23 September 2009

Printed tights

I love tights. I have baskets of them in every shade. I love pattern tights too but I stick mostly to safe, normal patterns such as diamonds, argyle, horizontal and vertical stripes, and, in one case, tartan plaid. So I'm eager to share any tights related experimentation, regardless of how gruesome it might be.

Awhile ago, I stumbled across an article on StyleFizz about a French company that is producing some unusual tights. ("Dare to Wear Tights with Printed Veins?") And I only wish I could order some of these so I can creep even more people out in the short period of 6 weeks before Halloween.

I feel split about feeling these are awesome and feeling uncomfortable looking at some of the patterns. Tights with veins on them seem like the ultimate "Fuck you" to varicose vein battling compression hose. On the other hand, the ants make me itchier than a crazed meth addict.

The other patterns include more conventionally pretty (less visceral) elements. Thorny vines and flowing flowers. Ribbons and rain drops. How adorable! The website features a pair of smiling tights. At first glance, I thought they were a reference to Bai Ling's message band aids.

If you are dating a vegetarian, there is no better way to annoy him/her than wearing uncomfortably visceral hosiery. However, it seems the company's website is under construction and I can't read French. I found a cheaper alternative to make your animal-friendly significant other reconsider being with you:


Photo credit:
Vein tights, ant tights, and seam tights taken from
Style Frizz
Mouth tights from
Les Queues de Sardines
Bai Ling's band aids - Go Fug Yourself
Meat Socks - Sock Dreams

22 September 2009

Corgi Tuesday - September 22

Can't jump on the bed

He always has to be where people are. I often spend time up on my bed, which is too high for him to jump onto. I don't really want him up there since he ends up taking up most of the bed and he sheds all over my sheets. He tries though. He jumps up to the edge and slides down with a thunk to the floor. He can do this for hours. Occasionally I spoil him by picking him up and putting him on my bed. He wants down after five minutes or so.

21 September 2009

New Week; New Wallpaper - 9-21-09

artist unknown
click image for larger - 1440px × 900px

For all you people who can't get off of Steam.

Also for anyone who, like Garfield the obnoxious cartoon cat, hates Mondays.

19 September 2009

The 2009 Flour and Grain Expo

What are you guys doing next weekend?

I'm heading out of town to the Kansas City Civic Center for the Flour and Grain Expo! It's only 3 days long - Sept. 25-27! Be there! Watch the grain suffer!

Actually I'm not going. I already made plans. Stupid law school. : (

18 September 2009

Corgi Tuesday extra: The Daily Corgi

It's no secret I love corgis, especially my corgi Blazer.

It is no secret that Blazer, like all corgis, just loves loves LOVES LOVES attention. If he could use computers, he'd be on MySpace all the time and spamming friend invites.

Meanwhile there is a great blog called The Daily Corgi. It's pretty straight forward; corgis featured every day in comparison to my paltry once a week dog-a-thon. The pictures are of a corgi (or multiple corgis) with cute speech bubbles. It's a dream come true. There's even a petition to get convince Ellen Degeneres to get a corgi. Ellen is someone who is a corgi in spirit, so I whole hardily support this idea. If corgis were people, they'd want a Hawaii Chair(tm) too.

Obviously, The Daily Corgi and Blazer were meant for each other.

On Friday, Blazer got his own super duper cuter ultra adorable mega ultra ~!kawaii!~ entry on The Daily Corgi. Yeeeaaaaah! And my blog got a nice write up. Owners resemble their pets, so I lap up the attention, just like Blazer. ("Enjoyable irreverent"? I like the sound of that!) The writer is a real sweetheart too.

Check out the Daily Corgi when you need your cute dog fix. There's nothing cuter than foxy dwarf dogs greeting you with human-like smiles.

I love buttons

Button boots

I have a terrible weakness for buttons. Not just for the useful kind that keeps the tops of our pants and the front of our shirts closed. No. That doesn't just cut it for a button addict like me. The more decorative, the less useful the button, the better.

Yes I own these in this color because of the buttons

My love of buttons surfaced a couple of times on this website, in my trench coat and a few sweaters. But it occurs far more often in real life than what is shown on this website. I love spats, double breasted coats, sailor themes, Victorian jackets and boots, and legwarmers with oversized buttons. Help me! What an addiction!

Then out of nowhere Target came out with a bunch of button enhanced boots.

Fuck! It's Target and their shoes' quality is o often hit and miss. B-b-b-b-but they have buttons! I'm too broke even for Target but I managed to get the middle pair (as shown in the first photo). They are my first pair of ankle boots and I really like them. Feminine and pretty comfortable. I'm not going to complain.

I suspect this button obsession is a genetic condition. My little sister suffered a zipper phase in high school. She loved useless zippers. She bought Hot Topic's clothes and, what she didn't buy from there, she sewed zippers into. For a while, she resembled a cross between an Egyptian mummy and a lost member of a punk band.

Fortunately this isn't my little sister

Photo credit:
Punk pants from here
Leg warmers from Sock Dreams
Boots from Target.com

17 September 2009

Crazy Shit I Have Witnessed

My buddy Lanna's family has a lab/poodle mix. They take it to a groomer friend who likes to experiment with doggy furstyles.

The result: Giraffe dog.

Sofie - the giraffe dog

Giraffe print is hilarious on a dog, as you can see. On top of the dyed fur, the dog has a little giraffe mane and end of the trail poof. Talk about through.

It is worth nothing that this is the corrected version. Originally, the dog was more hot pink than giraffe orange.

16 September 2009

Outfit for September 3rd and 4th

Oh man, I had a couple good outfits and promptly forgot where I placed my camera. I'm so cool that way.

Sept 3

I'm a big fan of Questionable Content. I love Hannelore even if she is psychological impossible of having a torrid lesbians affair with me. Whenever this shirt makes a public appearance, I run into someone who says, "OH EM GEE I love Questionable Content!" And I say "Me too!" Then we stand there awkwardly, having run the gambit of conversational topics we have in common.

Sept. 4

I've been practicing my sewing skills. This skirt was far too large but with trial and error, it now fits perfectly. Hooray for having a lot of free time!

14 September 2009

New Week; New Wallpaper - 9-14-09

click image for large - 1622x1216

Some weeks we just need to start off as a retro bad ass sexy space explorer femme fatal.

Pew pew! Laser gun!

09 September 2009

Giant Fucking Houndstooth

September and schools days arrived on the door step. Even though it is now warmer than it was for most of the summer, I anticipate the arrival of fall clothes. Here come soft sweaters, cozy coats, and tweed skirts. Unfortunately, this is a poisoned gift. For with outerwear comes the arrival of my enemy:


"But wait" you cry out. "What's wrong with houndstooth? It's just a pattern."

Houndstooth is a beautiful pattern that I very much like. My hate is very specific like a heat seeking missile, aimed only at over-sized houndstooth.

It's hard to put a finger on why over-sized houndstooth drives me crazy. It is nails on a chalk board, weird texture of your food type of off putting to me. It is like drinking your soda only to realize that someone replaced your delicious calorie-ridden Coke with diet RC cola with a Chernobyl's radiated water after taste.

This pattern looks like terribly pixelated, as if someone was enlarging a picture without smoothing it over.

Let's stop this plague of a pattern.

Photo credit/examples:
Lulu's Mini McQueen Skirt

07 September 2009

New Week; New Wallpaper - 9-7-09

artist unkown
click image for large - 1011x713

I love the glowing dials of the car dashboard. And there's nothing like making that speedometer needle rise frighteningly fast.

Vroom, vroom!

03 September 2009

A Dinosaur in Chicago


(flickr - Taken back in April)

In Millennium Park, there stands some Chinese modern art. I was only interested in this one because it is a dinosaur and I am actually a seven year old boy who loves dinosaurs.

01 September 2009