29 March 2010

New Week; New Wallaper - March 29

In case you have been under a rock without internet access, Lady Gaga and Beyonce released a new video. It's a mediocre dance song set to nine minute long film. If you've missed it, let me sum it up for you: Prison exploitative film meets Kill Bill meets "Thelma & Louise". And Lady Gaga shows you how she makes a sandwich.

Lady Gaga screen shot from "Telephone"
Click image for large - 1600px × 900px

Bonus Team Fortress 2 wallpaper. The Heavy loves his Sandvich. It heals him when a Medic won't stick around to protect his fat ass. Plus he goes "OMNOMNOM" when eating.

Created by Hunkabee Sting of the Something Awful forums
Click image for large - 1600px × 900px

15 March 2010

04 March 2010

Ode to Stilletos; Apologizes to Dr. Seuss

That Christian Louboutin
That Manolo, that Jimmy Choo
I do not like your high heels
I do not want your stilettos

I do not like stilettos
I do not like them in many styles
I do not like them with pointy toes
I do not like them rounded or almond toed

I do not wear them when I walk
or when I attend lecturers or talks
I will not wear them anywhere
I cannot wear them when climbing stairs

I like my toes pain free
I like not falling down
I like being under six feet
I like the shape of my feet already

Clunky heels is my way
And keep 'em short too
I am already clumsy
When my feet are on the ground.

(I know it doesn't rhyme. I'm not a very clever writer. That's I have a blog instead of a real writing job.)

02 March 2010

01 March 2010

New Week; New Wallpaper - March 1

Team Fortress 2 - "Offblast" screenshot
Created by Valve
Click image for large: 1000 px by 625 px

Valve lavishes love on game details. While two of my favorite Valve games (Portal and Team Fortress 2) seemingly have simplistic or even spartan visual designs, there are nice touches everywhere you look. For Team Fortress 2, I love the landscapes. Sure the visual motif is "desert", "industrial factory", or "factory train yard in the desert", but who cares? You have two global enemies building their secret evil rocket shooting fortresses within walking distance of each other in the middle of a big empty desert.

Then again, you don't get much of a chance to explore your environment with great attention because you're usually too busy not dying. That's what screen shots are for.