15 October 2009

Costumes to Avoid: Girls edition

When I was a little girl, I thought the question "What do you want to be when you grow up?" meant the same thing as 'What do you want to be for Halloween?" I would always answer that I wanted to be a cat or an angel, which left a lot of grown ups confused. I can't explain why I mixed those two up. The logic of five-year-olds is lost once you move past that age.

Anyway, to the little girl costumes!

Sexy Firefighter's Costume

This costume is ok even though it is a "Anything + Female = Sexy!" costume. I am worried that this was listed in the young girl's section.

Gretal costume

Nothing wrong with the costume itself. But perhaps "Hansel and Gretal" is not the best theme to explore on the night you send your children to strangers' houses to ask for snacks. They'll find a delicious house, get kidnapped by a witch, and the next thing you know your son is on trial for manslaughter of the witch.

Hello Kitty Charleston

Flapper + Hello Kitty = ????? WHY???

Cap & Gown Costume

I heard that there are little graduation ceremonies for kids in elementary school and whatnot. Provided you go to the right school, this costume could go double duty. The downside is that your child has to like "High School Musical" and you don't want a child like that.

Plus sized Tracy from "Hairspray"

Ironically, cruelly, (or perhaps appropriately) this costume is available in plus sizes only. Ouch.

Now for something a little different: The Best Costume!

Fuck. Yeah. I love this costume so much that I really wish they had it in adult size. I love this unicorn thing so much that I would wear it around on non-Halloween days, like on Saturday afternoons on a long walk out in public. Business meetings, court appearances, weddings, work days, church. There are no situations that cannot be improved by strapping a stuffed unicorn to your waist.

Most of all, I love it because I saw it in a funny portrait in the Nation Portrait Gallery's Photographic Portrait Prize 2007 (check out some of the other portaits).


a corgi said...

I liked the unicorn one too! can you imagine walking around trick or treating in that??

(thanks for the comment on how cute Koda is -- he's a boy though :)

(I know he's too cute to be a boy :)

enjoy the day


GLC said...

I love the unicorn one that I could imagine doing anything whiel wearing it.

Sorry for calling Koda a she. D'oh! I know that. I'm getting over the flu so I'm kind of stupid sometimes.