21 October 2009

Wolf shirt run down

Once again we see how wolf shirts - formerly a staple of furries and nerdy wolf enthusiasts - have risen to become a staple of hipsters and fashion enthusiasts. Once again Modcloth provides an interesting example.

This shirt is actually pretty awesome. I would consider wearing it myself. It barely qualifies as a wolf shirt. We don't even see the wolf itself; we only see the silhouette of a wolf against an album cover.

This doesn't cut it for me. Nerdy wolf shirts are funnier.

The Hunter

Having a giant snarling wolf face on your torso reminds me of the werewolf in "Vampire Hunter D".

Fuck the werewolves in Twilight.

Actually, you should just wear this picture on your chest instead. Instead of people going, "Nice shirt nerd," they will say, "Holy crap, that man has a wolf head exploding out of his stomach!" And everyone loves Vampire Hunter D, even non-nerds. In fact, you would be better off watching Vampire Hunter D than reading the rest of this post.

What a misleading shirt. People who wear wolf shirts are very gentle people. Sure they might be gentle because they are terrified of social interaction and those type of guys are prone to stalking you through Facebook, but they never would bare their teeth and growl. What a silly notion.

It's Rorschach test. If you see a gothic butterfly, good for you. If you see wolves and deer skulls, then what the hell is wrong with you?

I would wear this shirt too because it's not very wolf shirt-y. The shirt is heavy on the Legend of Zelda and light on the wolf. What kind of nerd would I be if I didn't love Legend of Zelda?

What embodies the good ol' USA more than a spectral wolf floating over Mt. Rushmore plus a phrase that people use to make fun of the War on Terror?

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