30 September 2009

Sergio Rossi sells weird shoes

Gilt is a special place. It is a place where two day long sales suggest that some people have $5,000 it throw away at a moment's notice. To be fair, they do have really great sales, especially after the end of seasons. even I've managed to buy a couple affordable things and I'm the kind of person who fails at eBay 90% of the time.

We already touched on the absurdities of Gilt once. Yesterday, there was a sale for Sergio Rossi's shoes and bags. Double-u tee eff. There were python boots, goat boots, crocodile everything, and so much more. I picked my favorite three to show you. And yes, those are the prices. And yes, most of these have already been sold out.

A goat haired boot that looks like Cousin It. Rainbow striped crocodile boots. Mink embellished sandals.

All I can ask is, "Why?" I am afraid that the answer is most likely "Why not?" or "cha-ching $$$$$ cha-ching".


a corgi said...

wow!! all I can say is wow!! a lot of money for those shoes! I'm also thinking how many homeless people you could feed for what one pair of shoes costs

I'm with you; I don't think I will be buying any of those shoes this season at least :)


GLC said...

I am not someone to tel what others can and cannot spend their money on... But I can't understand putting that much money down on things that pretty much suck.