21 October 2008

Strangers are talking to me

Yesterday, a boy in one of my classes asked me suddenly, "You got that coat from Delias, right?"

I was surprised that an unknown person was not only speaking to me but he was a boy who also knew exactly where my coat came from. It unnerved me a bit. For a brief moment, I felt paranoid. How could he know exactly what I was wearing and where it came from? Did he want my coat for himself? Would he murder me for the coat or was there the possibility a stranger might skin me to make a new coat? I don't think I would make a very good trenchcoat at all. A jacket maybe.

"Uh, yeah," I responded, so gracefully. "I had my sheepskin jacket and marshmellow shaped parka. Nothing for fall."

"I was so going to get that for my girlfriend!"

And then we had a conversation about how pea coats are awesome. Yay! A new friend!

Shame on me for reverting to gender stereotypes. I often forget that men can be interested in women's clothing in a non-transvestite way . Just because my boyfriend looks like he fell into a Goodwill bin and climbed out dressed doesn't mean all men are like that.


Holly Anne said...

That's awesome... I would have an instant crush on any boy who could talk clothing with me... swoon. Too bad he's got a girlfriend. At least you made a new friend! [And I think that jacket is the hotness also]

enterrement de vie de célibataire Paris said...

This coat is awesome.