23 September 2009

Printed tights

I love tights. I have baskets of them in every shade. I love pattern tights too but I stick mostly to safe, normal patterns such as diamonds, argyle, horizontal and vertical stripes, and, in one case, tartan plaid. So I'm eager to share any tights related experimentation, regardless of how gruesome it might be.

Awhile ago, I stumbled across an article on StyleFizz about a French company that is producing some unusual tights. ("Dare to Wear Tights with Printed Veins?") And I only wish I could order some of these so I can creep even more people out in the short period of 6 weeks before Halloween.

I feel split about feeling these are awesome and feeling uncomfortable looking at some of the patterns. Tights with veins on them seem like the ultimate "Fuck you" to varicose vein battling compression hose. On the other hand, the ants make me itchier than a crazed meth addict.

The other patterns include more conventionally pretty (less visceral) elements. Thorny vines and flowing flowers. Ribbons and rain drops. How adorable! The website features a pair of smiling tights. At first glance, I thought they were a reference to Bai Ling's message band aids.

If you are dating a vegetarian, there is no better way to annoy him/her than wearing uncomfortably visceral hosiery. However, it seems the company's website is under construction and I can't read French. I found a cheaper alternative to make your animal-friendly significant other reconsider being with you:


Photo credit:
Vein tights, ant tights, and seam tights taken from
Style Frizz
Mouth tights from
Les Queues de Sardines
Bai Ling's band aids - Go Fug Yourself
Meat Socks - Sock Dreams


WendyB said...

I really like the veins. I wanted to get a veiny dress once but I never got my hands on it.

a corgi said...

these are all interesting; the veins one look really authentic


GLC said...

WendyB - If there was a matching vein dress, it too would have to be skin colored with anatomically accurate veins all over the body. And then you'd have to wear it to Thanksgiving or a family cook out.

betty - would you ever wear the vein tights? if so, under what circumstances?