18 September 2009

Corgi Tuesday extra: The Daily Corgi

It's no secret I love corgis, especially my corgi Blazer.

It is no secret that Blazer, like all corgis, just loves loves LOVES LOVES attention. If he could use computers, he'd be on MySpace all the time and spamming friend invites.

Meanwhile there is a great blog called The Daily Corgi. It's pretty straight forward; corgis featured every day in comparison to my paltry once a week dog-a-thon. The pictures are of a corgi (or multiple corgis) with cute speech bubbles. It's a dream come true. There's even a petition to get convince Ellen Degeneres to get a corgi. Ellen is someone who is a corgi in spirit, so I whole hardily support this idea. If corgis were people, they'd want a Hawaii Chair(tm) too.

Obviously, The Daily Corgi and Blazer were meant for each other.

On Friday, Blazer got his own super duper cuter ultra adorable mega ultra ~!kawaii!~ entry on The Daily Corgi. Yeeeaaaaah! And my blog got a nice write up. Owners resemble their pets, so I lap up the attention, just like Blazer. ("Enjoyable irreverent"? I like the sound of that!) The writer is a real sweetheart too.

Check out the Daily Corgi when you need your cute dog fix. There's nothing cuter than foxy dwarf dogs greeting you with human-like smiles.

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Laurie Eno said...

Heya, thanks for sharing Blazer with the Daily Corgi ... he was definitely "Friday dog" material! Thanks for mentioning the blog and spreading Corgi Power!