22 September 2009

Corgi Tuesday - September 22

Can't jump on the bed

He always has to be where people are. I often spend time up on my bed, which is too high for him to jump onto. I don't really want him up there since he ends up taking up most of the bed and he sheds all over my sheets. He tries though. He jumps up to the edge and slides down with a thunk to the floor. He can do this for hours. Occasionally I spoil him by picking him up and putting him on my bed. He wants down after five minutes or so.


a corgi said...

he's so cute! and you are right, corgis do like to be where people are. wise move not to allow him on the bed (a lot); ours sleeps on our bed and he does hog it every single night


GLC said...

I could never sleep with Blazer on the bed. I can't even sleep with another person in bed, let alone a space hog like dogs always are.