18 September 2009

I love buttons

Button boots

I have a terrible weakness for buttons. Not just for the useful kind that keeps the tops of our pants and the front of our shirts closed. No. That doesn't just cut it for a button addict like me. The more decorative, the less useful the button, the better.

Yes I own these in this color because of the buttons

My love of buttons surfaced a couple of times on this website, in my trench coat and a few sweaters. But it occurs far more often in real life than what is shown on this website. I love spats, double breasted coats, sailor themes, Victorian jackets and boots, and legwarmers with oversized buttons. Help me! What an addiction!

Then out of nowhere Target came out with a bunch of button enhanced boots.

Fuck! It's Target and their shoes' quality is o often hit and miss. B-b-b-b-but they have buttons! I'm too broke even for Target but I managed to get the middle pair (as shown in the first photo). They are my first pair of ankle boots and I really like them. Feminine and pretty comfortable. I'm not going to complain.

I suspect this button obsession is a genetic condition. My little sister suffered a zipper phase in high school. She loved useless zippers. She bought Hot Topic's clothes and, what she didn't buy from there, she sewed zippers into. For a while, she resembled a cross between an Egyptian mummy and a lost member of a punk band.

Fortunately this isn't my little sister

Photo credit:
Punk pants from here
Leg warmers from Sock Dreams
Boots from Target.com


WendyB said...

First of all, now I love buttons because of you. It's clearly contagious. Second, you MUST see the dress I'm wearing in my post today!!!!

GLC said...

Button fevor has swept the nation, like a mild zombie plague.