29 December 2009

Corgi Tuesday - December 29

It's no secret that I'm an anime fan. I am an unusual one because I hate terrible anime (which there is a lot of) and I bathe regularly. But one stereotypical anime fan thing I do is like Cowboy Bebop. Everyone likes Cowboy Bebop, even people who hate anime.

For once, cosplay done right.

How can anyone not like Cowboy Bebop? It has about everything you could want in a TV show. It has great music, vampy trampy women, the mafia, bounty hunters, accidental ingestion of hallucinogenics, Kareem Abdul Jabar in the future, and... a genius corgi!

This is why 2/3's of corgis are named Ein.

If you feel like taking a TV break today, watch a corgi-centric episode: Episode 2 - Stray Dog Strut. It is worth watching for the savage corgi attack and chase scene (part 2 for those who want to skip to it).


WendyB said...

My stepdaughter loves anime too!

Rachel said...

My corgi is named Charlotte. :)