17 December 2009

Bad ass jewelry + animal cruelty

Everyone: have your significant other return whatever s/he is getting you because it won't be as awesome as what you can get here. I have designed the most bad ass line of jewelry in the world. I'm gonna put that Wendy Brandes out of business for good! Take that, Wendy! You with your gold and your gems and your cute chicken necklaces!

How to make an instant ouroboros necklace or bracelet:

You will need:
  • A live snake of desired size

Step 1. Find a snake.

Step 2. Put snake in a small enclosure. Wait until it bites it's own tail.

Step 3. Put snake around neck or wrist.

GENIUS. Nobody steal this idea, ok? I need that money to become a millionaire. Then I can buy that cute egg and chicken necklace.


WendyB said...

This made me laugh my tits off. Not only do I have serious business competition, but I'm titless. Thanks a lot!

GLC said...

When I'm a millionaire and have beaten the pants off of your business, I'll buy you a boob job to make up for it all.