09 December 2009

Outfit download: The rest of November


The patterned tights reappear! And unfortunately, this experiment went array. While patterned tights look adorable on my calves, they are less opaque on thighs. Well, live and learn to check that sort of thing in the mirror!


I love this blazer. Know why I bought it? It reminded me of the jacket the wizard father in "Ponyo" wears. Yes, I am dressing like an anime character. You can't get much nerdier than that.

I bought a sweater on Black Friday. Ok, it was at 6PM and the store was nearly empty, but hey, I actually went out on Black Friday. Didn't even have to murder a housewife to get the sweater either.


Also check out my space cowboy boots. Even after a year, I can't decide if they are awesome or dumb or both but I continually wear them. I like to feel like I'm a futuristic astronautical babe.


Do you know how often you can wear a sequined miniskirt? Turns out you can wear it all the time. This little skirt is one of the few good things I've found in Forever21. It's cute and sexy, isn't too sexy, goes with everything, and best of all? It's SPARKLY!


Oringina said...

Lots of really cool and different tights. My email is on the http://fashionmylegs.blogspot.com/ site. It would be nice to feature you.

WendyB said...

Love the head-to-toe purple!

GLC said...

Nice to see you Oringina!

Wendy - Thanks!