02 January 2010

Fashion Math: Sweater shorts?

After a bout of Lake Effect Snow and a very cold New Year's Eve, I've apparently caught a head cold right before I have to go back to substitute teaching. Amazing timing,

Since it is so cold, it's only natural that I feel the need to be extra cozy and layer up on thermal underwear and sweaters and six throw blankets. It's January. Everyone feel like that. However, I feel as if Forever 21 hasn't quite gotten the right idea about sweaters...




WendyB said...

Hmmm. Words fail me.

Eric said...

I have to agree with Wendy. These may look good on a doll, but not on a human. I'll stick with regular sweaters.

Anonymous said...

i actually made some very cute sweater rompers for my shop. you can see a few styles here:


i fell in love with the idea of sweater shorts and ran with it. the rompers are a little more forgiving than the plain shorts.

xo jennie vicious