28 December 2009

New YEAR; New Wallpaper - 12-28-09

artist unknown
click image for large - 1600px × 1000px

It's New Years! Go out and do shit! Get your taxes files in a month from now!


That corgi :) said...

love the bird and the sentiment, LOL

nope, we get our taxes done around 04/08. We usually always have to pay and I dread getting them done so we wait until the last possible moment.

Happy New Year!


GLC said...

Ok, right, you don't have to do your taxes by the end of January. My father is accountant, so he orders everyone in the family to do their taxes ASAP. On top of that, I don't have enough money nor have I ever held an important position for the government to impose complex tax laws on me, so it takes me less than five minutes to do my taxes. So I always get my done by the end of January, long before it's necessary.