15 December 2009

Corgi Tuesday - December 15

Did I hear a request for Nutcracker music set to cute dog stunts with multiple camera angles? No? Well, too bad. You're getting that anyway.

Note: Actually it's not a good idea to let your corgi jump from high heights often. The people in the video say their corgi doesn't do it anymore.


That corgi :) said...

it scared me when the corgi jumped from such a height; I was thinking "broken paw" for sure; glad this one isn't do that any more

loved the look at the end; such a typical corgi look


GLC said...

Don't worry, he's ok. I know a lot of people originally freaked out in the video comments, talking about how that jump could damage a corgi's back, which is true. The owner says he didn't encourage this behavior and the dog curbed the jumping on its own.

And yeah, corgis are the best with their stubby little feet sticking up in the air.