21 August 2009

Outfit for July 29 + August 3

It's been a super busy couple of weeks. I lost the cord for my camera but still took photos.

July 29

Hat - target
Fairy shirt
Belt - target
Sandals- thrifted

My father got married and I helped my stepmother move into our house.

Bubble Wrap+ outfit for Aug 3

Hells yeah, it's 250 feet of bubble wrap! Every single foot was used. If you can't tell, my stepmother has a lot of breakable thing, like china plates and glass statues.

Bubble Wrap + outfit Aug 3

Headband - Claire's
Dress - Old Navy
Belt - taken from another dress
Golden sandals

1 comment:

P said...

I love your hat and tee-shirt in the top pic.You are awesome in it !
It really suits you.
Bye for now