29 August 2009

Outfit for August 27

I got my hair did-ed in the first time in two years. In the past, hair dressers have been universally terrible, either doing a decent job but being a terrible human being or being a pleasant person yet making my hair look awful.

I lucked out. A lovely girl not only made me tea while waiting for my hair dye to finish, but she also wrapped my glasses in plastic so I could read instead of staring blankly into fuzzy space for thirty minutes. She chopped off a good portion of the tangly bits at the ends of my hair and dyed it a lovely natural dark red. What an awesome day.

Outfit for August 27

Honestly, I'm not as gloomy as I appear in the above photo.

It was an animal print day. Not only do I have a leopard print scarf and wedge sandals, but not shown is my tiger print Betsy Johnson purse that causes all women to become lesbians and erotically assault me. I honestly don't mind but I won't bring that purse to church anymore.

my shoes
it's really hard to take a picture of your own feet

I love these wedges and I love this nail polish. These shoes put me above 6 feet and possibly scream, "I am a transvestite!" which isn't helped by the scarf across my adam's apple. Who cares. They are tall and surprisingly comfortable and that's what matters in my book.

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