20 August 2009

The Internet is Awesome: English Russia

Many people waste their lives away while browsing the internet. Wikipedia drawls you into a spiral of endless knowledge. Livejournal showcases the best train wrecks. Something Awful is always funny to me. And 4chan/encyclopedia dramatica, well, you want to look away but you just can't.

The best place to waste your lunch break? English Russia.

Being an American born during the cold war, my knowledge of Russia was fairly limited. Thanks to this (rather engrishy) website, I learn more about modern day life in Russian life than anyone needs to know. English Russia shows you that in a country so large, there's always something interesting happening.

Did you know that there is a Russian Harry Potter knock off? Look at the cover! Harry Potter never rode a motorcycle with a mechanical owl. I can't read Russian but I know for a fact that Tanya Grotter is a far superior book because of that cover alone.

One article shows a sad photo shoot from Dior. Models were dressed up and paraded around Moscow in the finest western clothes. The Russian women stop and stare in awe of dresses that is very much in contrast their own.

They have anime conventions and cosplay in Russia too. Most of it is just as bizarre and bad as its western counterpart.

Other great articles:
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Soccer fans on a snowy day (nsfw)

All photo credit goes to National Geographic and English Russia.

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q said...

Hey, saw your entry and couldn't resist commenting: that cover that you display in the post isn't from Tanya Grotter but from Porry Gatter. It's less of a knock-off and more of political satire. Just saying :)