25 August 2009

Corgi Tuesday, August 25

Blazer hiking

Blazer hiking with us a year ago.

He barks a loud bark but is a real baby. He's scared to be apart from us for very long. So as we walk along the trails, he runs ahead 20 feet and then runs back to us, circles us, and then runs ahead another 20 feet. This goes on for the whole trail or until he tuckers himself out. Usually the latter happens first.


WendyB said...

Corgis' stubby little legs crack me up. So cute.

GLC said...

I see my dog about every day and I still laugh at his funny stubs for legs.

My family jokes that he doesn't have legs, just paws. It's as if someone cut his legs off but reattached his feet to his chest and haunches. Yeah, we're kind of a morbid family.