13 August 2009

Aquatic tables and school folders

My grandparents used to have a condominium in Florida. They flew down there for five months of the year, enjoying the balmy winter while the Midwest battled lake effect snow and Ugg boots. They used to go to Florida but stopped when my grandmother saw one cockroach after many many years of staying in a tropical climate. Their solution? Spend the winter in Texas. Now they remain up north during the winter, having chosen to be snowed in rather than ever see the kind of cockroaches that thrive in the south.

Their Floridian condo was as dull as can be expected. Everything was beige colored except for some salmon pink wallpaper that occurs only in Florida.

Why bring up an old condo I visited as a child on winter breaks? Ten years too late, I found the perfect table for their beige besieged apartment. I found a table that is so unique that it needs the blandest of colors to be paired with; it's a table that can only be paired with chairs that do not remotely match.

YES. It's a glass table with a surfacing sea turtle. I'm not a fan of glass topped tables but I'm even more hesitant about a glass top table with an embedded statue. Not only would I be terrified of breaking the turtle's face, I'd feel terrible for setting down a casserole on his face during dinner time.

A manta ray table might be an interesting gift but it would be in bad taste to send it to Steve Irwin's family.

Not gonna lie. I would like to have a manatee coffee table, with or without the oddly place flower vase. I wouldn't buy it (especially not at $3200 + $300 for shipping) but if I saw it on the side of the road, I would stuff it in the car's backseat and take back to my imaginary bachorlette pad.

I am certain I had a similar picture on school supplies when I was in elementary school. Nothings screams 90s for me like a Christian Riese Lassen psychedelic waterscape on a folder.

Speaking of Mr. Lassen, it turns out he has made an aquatic theme table too.

I like the mantra ray a lot better.

John Didier Designs Custome Furniture
Christian Riese Lassen

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Turtle table takes the title.