12 August 2009


While browsing Gilt for things I don't need and can't possibly buy, I looked at a sale of Melissa/Vivienne Westwood shoes. They were surprising affordable, with prices that ran from $30 to about $75. Curiously these summer shoes were made of rubber.

Rubber shoes? That sounds a bit uncomfortable if you have sweaty feet but alright, I said aloud to the dog.

Then I saw this.

You have to be shitting me.

Pink, shiny, and rubbery plastic. It's the same color and material they make dildos out of. This shoe probably came from a company that was also processing fake penises. And that made me think of...

'On the dresser, there's a dildo made of the same soft pink plastic as a million Barbie dolls, and for a moment, Tyler can picture millions of baby dolls and Barbie dolls and dildos injection molded and coming off the same assembly line in Taiwan.

Marla looks at Tyler looking at her dildo, and she rolls her eyes and says, "Don't be afraid. It's not a threat to you."'
-Fight Club by Chuck Palhniuk
Chapter 6

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