31 August 2009

Outfit for August 28 + The Venture Brothers trailer

Everyone has lazy days where they wear ratty t-shirts and PJ pants. Anyone who claims they don't is lying or they are possible a vampire/scientologist. But I feel lazy and still sleepy if I don't put on proper fitting clothing. So for those comfy days, I made a go to uniform.

Outfit for August 28

Well fitting sweatpants make a huge difference in how I feel on home bound days. Plus I made a cape with a sequined scarf and a brooch. Very cool and supervillian-y.

My friends and family decided I look like a cross between Audrey Hepburn and Molotov Cocktease on her days off. That's silly. We already know what Molotov's civilian clothes are.

"Who is that hood-rat Brock's talking to? He can get any shorty he wants."

Speaking of the Venture Brothers, season four is almost here! Adult Swim debuted an insane trailer. It would be a war crime to not share.


WendyB said...

"Molotov Cocktease " -- best name since Pussy Galore.

GLC said...

Pussy Galore just sounds like she either has more than one vagina (like Octopussy) or just one very big vagina. Neither is very appealing because it sounds unpleasantly moist and visceral.

Puer Aeternus said...

I finally saw Season 4 episode 1 of the venture bros...and 5 min into it I realize i did not see the final episode of season 3. There was much head scratching. regardless...I am happy to have one of my fave shows back!