07 July 2009

Loltastic: Transformers

It is no secret that I love Transformers. The 80s cartoon, not so much the recent films. I can handle 80s cartoon cheese but Shia Lebouf talking with his parents about masturbation? Not something I want to watch. I even have a few Transformers of my own; Optimus Prime and Hot Rod graced my desk through most of college.

Even though I love Transformers more than most women love their children, I don't particularly want to mix giant robots and my sex life.

I do agree that Megatron is a sexier robot. And girls, if you are ever in desperate need for male attention (particularly between the ages of 14-25), I'm pretty sure putting Megatron on your breasts will draw even more attention to the girls. As evidence by the nonstop talk about Megan Fox in the new Transformer film, many men fall prey to the mixing of women and giant toys.

Not those kind of toys.


Ava-May Hemme said...

I want a Optimus tshirt! Great blog btw.

GoodLookingCorgi said...

Thanks! And every girl should have an Optimus shirt. Everyone, male or female, needs a little Optimus in their life.