28 July 2009

Daily Outfit 7-28-2009

It was raining today so I took my photo inside. You can see the interesting way my father has decorated the house, as evidenced by the multicolored walls. For a man who is partially colorblind, he is remarkably talented at interior decorating.

Outfit for July 28

What a glamorous busy day. Got to sleep in, got dressed up for a date with Lanna, got to eat mushrooms, and did girly shopping for make up for SEVERAL HOURS.

Lanna and I went to Sephora. Previously I had avoided the store because I associated it with its obnoxious product placement (which I hate) in Cloverfield (which was terrible). In the end, Lanna and I braved a thunderstorm and got into the store.

You know when you were little, you played with your mother's make up while trying on her clothes? That was basically what happened. We tried on everything and played with at least 100 products. Lanna even decided to paint her nails under the guise of testing the chip proof claim.

One sales lady help me find the perfect foundation (Smashbox HD foundation in the palest color they had) when before I've never been keen on wearing foundation. She even gave me a good sized sample to try it out for a couple days.

It is very strange to have a strangre touch your face. That is a very intimate space after all. The saleslady was showing me how to put on foundation and I was flinching and laughing because it tickled. She laughed and said I was a very funny girl. If I had a dime for every time I heard that, I could earn some serious compound interest.

doing a dance

Scarf - Left by my mother
Teal t-shirt - Target
Skirt - thifted
Sandals - Thifted


Anonymous said...

The sandals look a little bit like they could belong to Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile.

GoodLookingCorgi said...

My walk like an Egyptian pose probably isn't helping things either.