21 July 2009

Dailly outfit for July 20 + Bowling with Buddies

I love a certain gray dress. It is soft and breezy, perfect for doing chores around the house in the summer. I never thought of it as glamorous or interesting enough to warrant making a good outfit of it. But in its simplicity is potential to create different looks.

daily outfit july 20

Gold metal headband - thrifted
Dress - Kolh's/derek heart
Bracelets - Target
Leggings - Betsey Johnson
Silver flats - Payless

Silver shoes

These shoes were fairly comfortable but they had an unexpected problem: potential for blindness. They are a mirror silver which reflects light. Unfortunately, it happened to be a sunny day and I looked down. Ow. Sunlight reflected directly into my eyes by my own shoes. I was betrayed.

Blowing shoes
(I added some socks and bowling shoes)

But I did more than just dress up and putz around the house like any other unemployed kid with a degree. I went bowling with two good friends, Dying Dan and Lanna.


Bowling is the best game to play with friends. It's a silly concept - throwing heavy balls on the floor to hit pins - so no one takes it too seriously. No one feels bad if they are terrible at bowling. I know I don't. Plus you can take your time and chat with buddies between turns. You can make a thousand testicle jokes. You can drink overpriced bad beer if you really want. But mostly, it's a game where you can be stupid around your friends and that is the best kind of sport.


I also turned into a ghost. I made a peace sign and my arms disappeared, like Michael J Fox in Back to the Future II. Somehow bowling made my parents not meet. I don't understand. I majored in psychology, not quantum engineering. That's why I'm still unemployed.

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