27 July 2009

Daily Outfit - 7-24-2009

Daily Outfit - July 24

I genuinely enjoy my silver flats. They make me feel like a sparkly ballerina, except about 7 inches taller and many pounds heavier. However lovely, the flats weren't particularly comfortable the last time I wore them because one of the ankle straps rubbed against my skin uncomfortably. Lo and behold, God blessed the world with tights and other assortments of hosiery that help keep blisters at bay. The down side is that creepy fetishists keep favoriting my pictures on Flickr.

Daily Outfit - July 24

Hat - Target
Penguin t-shirt - Target
Demin shorts
Silver flats - American Eagle

Awkward pose time! Enjoy my slightly off center men's hat!


WendyB said...

Cute outfit, especially the hat!

GoodLookingCorgi said...

Thanks, Wendy!