20 January 2010

Lady Gaga is a Sailor Moon Villian

Recently I came across of a picture of a Lady Gaga concert.

My first response was not "WTF" but "Hmm, that looks familar. Where have I seen that before?" That is not a usual response to Lady Gaga's clothing. Then it hit me.

Sailor Galaxia!

Not only is Lady Gaga a Cenobite and a member of the Illumanati, she is also the biggest Sailor Moon villain: Golden Queen Galaxia. She's a real life anime character!


WendyB said...

But crossed with a Viking, no?

GLC said...

Horns just mean extra stylish villain goodness.

Anonymous said...

I think she looks more like Anubis, that Egyptian god.

Maki P said...

Come on! The Sailor Moon villains (and Power Rangers') have nothing on Gaga

kimberly said...
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