05 January 2010

Corgi Tuesday - January 5

Corgis are actually smart dogs. You wouldn't think so because Blazer can't figure out he is too short to jump onto the bed.

Clever dogs, like corgis, need lots of mental stimulation. A good way to keep them stimulated and prevent them from gnawing on your furniture is give your dog treat dispensing toys. Pop in some treats or dry kibble and let your dog roll the toy around in attempts to get the food to drop out. Or if you have a Kong toy or hollowed bone, smear a thing layer of peanut butter inside of a toy. Dogs love peanut butter and will do anything to get to it.

Example of a treat dispensing toy:


That corgi :) said...

that dice does look interesting for food dispensing. Koda didn't get into the kong like I hoped he would but maybe something like this; you are right though, they are smart and they do need to be stimulated and challenged


WendyB said...

Pekingese would cry if faced with a toy like that!