19 January 2010

Corgi Tuesday - January 19

Youtube may be full of crap and copyrighted work, but that makes it all the better when you stumble across cute homemade gems such as the following video "Going Shopping":

The video includes:
  • A regular Pembroke and a fluffy corgi
  • Corgis sticking their head out of a car window
  • Savage Garden background music
  • Dogs "sampling" the merchandise
  • Two corgis crammed into a shopping cart


That corgi :) said...

that was sooooo cute!!! I loved when the corgi took a bite of the cookie the owner was asking if he wanted to buy it or not. grazing along the side of the little treats was cute to watch, if Koda was there, he would continue to graze LOL :)

thanks for sharing this :)


WendyB said...

I laughed out loud at the shopping cart.