18 November 2008

Topshop - Fantasy Horse T-Shirt

Amongst fashion bloggers, there is a sort of an unspoken competition of who can wear the wackiest, most unusual, and/or more unique clothing. This sometimes goes overboard but it's usually all for the good of creative dressing.

However, then I saw a picture of topshop's horse shirt...

Topshop - Fantasy Horse Tee

See, amongst nerds and geeks, there is a hierarchy of who is less of a loser. A computer programmer who wears khakis and a white shirt every single day sees himself better than a guy who wears a Dragon Ball Z anime shirt. Wolf - or horse - shirts are looked down upon by about everyone, except furries.

So Topshop is selling the equivalent of nerd-rejected fashion to better dressed people.

Below : A comparison between the above pictured horse shirt and a stereotypical geeky wolf shirt.

I can't wait for Topshop to start selling Dragon Ball Z shirts.

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