08 November 2008

Voting Day - Outfit Nov. 4

I'm an American and I did not vote on November 4.

My state allows early voting, so I went to the polls over a week prior to voting day. Early voting rocks because I am an obsessive compulsive person who likes to check every single thing off her to-do list ASAP.

T-shirt - Target
Skirt - My little sister didn't want it so I took it.
Gold flat sandals - Target
Necklace - It says "LOVE"; an appropriate message for the day

Nonetheless, I sailed through the day without really wanting to think about politics. See, in the past years elections are always called long after I've decided to go to bed. To my surprise, I checked CNN right before I went to sleep and found out, not only did my chosen presidential candidate had won, but so did congressmen, governor, local school board, and at least one local ordinance. So I stayed up longer, watched Obama's acceptance speech and felt awesome.

I don't have any patriotic clothing anymore. I used to get a lot of American flag/post-9/11 propaganda t-shirts for my brithday every year because my birthday is the day before Independence Day. But I donated most of the shirts to charity because I realized they were hideous. However, I kept one for a long time. Until last year, this piece of history resided in my dresser:

Yes, those are sparkly puppies and kittens wearing American flag acessories and the words "AMERICA"S TEAM".

I rarely wore this, but it is such an awful shirt that it comes around and is awesome again. It's someone else's now and that person will actually use instead of trying to wear it ironically but chickening out at the last second and changing into a less stupid looking shirt.

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WendyB said...

That is definitely an awesome and hilarious shirt. You can't ever get rid of that.