08 November 2008

Halloween Outfit - Oct. 31

Hurr, in the excitement of Halloween, law school applications, and the US election, I forgot to post my costume.

The story behind it is... well, it's a souvenir. I was in Munich last year, right after Oktoberfest and Halloween. I saw these dresses and thought, "I'm gonna wear that, even if it's just at Halloween or the Chicago fake German festivals. This is the best costume and it will be my costume for life."

I don't live in this German speaking college house/dorm. My friend and I were nearby (wearing out costumes) and I said, "I'm dressed German and that building has a giant German flag on it. Let's take pictures!" So my friend, wearing a coconut bra and a grass skirt, took my pictures.

German dirndl, apron - Munich, Germany
Blouse - Munich, Germany
Tights - The cardboard suitcase in my room
Socks - Target
Shoes - Aerosole
Choker - Piece of ribbon

Supposedly, a guy was walking around on campus dressed in lederhosen and full German gear. People thought we were a couple or had planned but I haven't a clue who that fucking guy is. Although people talked about our matching outfits, we never ran into each other and therefore never got a picture.

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