13 October 2008

Halloween - Part 1

Halloween is a-coming! It's the Christmas for goths!

October 31st is the best holiday for many reasons. As a kid, you dress up, run around the neighborhood, and get free candy which you will quickly gorge yourself sick on if you mother was quick enough to take all the cheap chocolate away from you. As a teenager, you go to haunted houses or engage in vandalism. As a grown up, you dress up in kinky costumes, go to parties, drink too much, and then come home and drunkenly pay the babysitter the wrong amount. Way better than Christmas or Thanksgiving. No awkward family get together and you're more likely to have sex because the family won't throw all the coats on the bed.

Every August I start making plans for elaborate costumes or pranks and then get tired with it by the end of September and rarely ever carry through with my planning. You will never know how many times I have given up on a zombie Marie Antionette only to go as a sexy cat girl or generic gothic angel.

This isn't me in the picture.
I'm nowhere near that stereotypically hot.

Last year I was in Germany and bought a dirndl as part of my collection of bizarre souvenirs. So this year I'll be abusing another country's traditional dress for Halloween. If any Germans are offended, you can dress up as a drunken Uncle Sam if it will make you feel better.

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