24 October 2008

Outfit - Oct. 24

Oh snaps! Two outfit posts in and I think I already made a mistake.

To be honest, I'm not exactly sure where I was going with this. I saw the jester tights on clearance at SockDreams and thought, "Oh man, those are too quirky and awesome!" They were a little less awesome in person because they felt kinda itchy and were less opaque than I was expecting. Being a stubborn mule, I was determined to find a way to wear these. My boyfriend said it wasn't half bad but it needed some red in my top.

Turtleneck - ????
Miniskirt - Target
Tights - SockDreams (items on clearance)
Shoes - stage dancing shoe from ages ago. Still my favorite and most comfortable heels
Earrings - Strawberries with glass diamonds. Goodwill, I think.

It was not a total loss. I went to my boyfriend's place where he has a backyard that leads to a stream and is beautiful. So I began acting like a five-year-old child and started kicking up leaves and messing with his cat.

This woman will be turning 6 years old soon.

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