09 February 2011

Judith Leiber purses on Gilt

Gilt never stops amusing me and the recent presence of $2,000+ clutches shaped like animals is no exception. Camels, pugs, poison dart frogs, and... what's with the terrified Foo Dog?

He looks like he is going to bite the hell out of that ghost's hand.

Oh. Well, he may have known what fate awaited him. But alas, his crystal covered snarls were not enough to ward off a woman storing her cellphone and tampons in him.

This is the pug clutch, as shown in the first image. He is much more accepting of his fate. But me being me, I would how up to a fancy event with this and fill it with cherry syrup for the ultimate visceral shock when I open it up at the dinner table.


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I'm glad you like it, Wendy.