05 February 2011

Dancing Bags

With an overactive imagination and a short attention span, I have frequently dreamed up inventions that have been made into reality by other people. This includes Your-name-goes-here romance novels and corrugated cardboard. But this takes the cake in things I should have thought up and patented.

It seems so obvious! How many times have you been at the club and either (a) witnessed women dancing with a handbag, well, in hand, or (b) been a woman dancing with her purse? A poll among men I know have polled have said dancing with your handbag looks stupid. And by polled, I mean I asked a dude who watches women dance in clubs.

The flesh toned ones I'm less fond of because they look vaguely orthopedic. But the black ones look great, passing as architectural jewelry.

How lovely is that? A purse that is decorative and can hold a condom and your fake ID for getting into clubs!


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