04 March 2010

Ode to Stilletos; Apologizes to Dr. Seuss

That Christian Louboutin
That Manolo, that Jimmy Choo
I do not like your high heels
I do not want your stilettos

I do not like stilettos
I do not like them in many styles
I do not like them with pointy toes
I do not like them rounded or almond toed

I do not wear them when I walk
or when I attend lecturers or talks
I will not wear them anywhere
I cannot wear them when climbing stairs

I like my toes pain free
I like not falling down
I like being under six feet
I like the shape of my feet already

Clunky heels is my way
And keep 'em short too
I am already clumsy
When my feet are on the ground.

(I know it doesn't rhyme. I'm not a very clever writer. That's I have a blog instead of a real writing job.)


Coco said...

Yeuch, those look painful!
I love this post, and I think you are a clever writer...and I have an English degree (if that counts for anything.)


Oh shit, look painful!!!