29 March 2010

New Week; New Wallaper - March 29

In case you have been under a rock without internet access, Lady Gaga and Beyonce released a new video. It's a mediocre dance song set to nine minute long film. If you've missed it, let me sum it up for you: Prison exploitative film meets Kill Bill meets "Thelma & Louise". And Lady Gaga shows you how she makes a sandwich.

Lady Gaga screen shot from "Telephone"
Click image for large - 1600px × 900px

Bonus Team Fortress 2 wallpaper. The Heavy loves his Sandvich. It heals him when a Medic won't stick around to protect his fat ass. Plus he goes "OMNOMNOM" when eating.

Created by Hunkabee Sting of the Something Awful forums
Click image for large - 1600px × 900px

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