17 February 2010

The worst mascara ever

CoverGirl lash blast mascara is the worst mascara ever. Don't buy it.

Generally I don't do make up reviews because I'm usually far too lazy and too freckly to bother with much make up. I leave reviewing up to people who are willing to try out products that cost more than $5 at the drug store.

But I have to speak out against this crap.

I've seen this mascara recommended in a couple magazines, which is bullshit. Covergirl blows like an industrial fan set at tornado speed.

This mascara sucks because:
  • It smells like house paint
  • It takes as long to dry as an oil painting
  • It smears worse than oil paints
  • Seriously, this stuff gets on my glasses, it's that bad.
  • It doesn't look that great even when you put it on correctly, so it's not worth all the trouble
I bought a tube a few months ago. Since I am a penny pinching broke person, I keep trying to use it to get my money's worth out of it, but I'm giving up. There's cheaper and less crappy make up out there that doesn't irritate the heck out of me when I'm trying to put it on.


WendyB said...

Tell us what you really think! ;-)

GLC said...

I'm no smart enough to maintain a filter between my brain and my mouth. That is why I don't go to bike bars anymore.