10 February 2010

Older outfits

I haven't had much of a chance to take good outfit photos lately. However I found a couple from over a year ago that I'd like to share. One is an example of a bad outfit and the other is pretty good.

Fashion bloggers don't post pictures of themselves in badly put together outfits, so I might as well share my mistake.

Awful outfit

This one is bad. Note my odd expression. The cardigan and dress are two baggy items that make me look very boxy. The leopard printed tights make it appear as if I have a skin disease. The shoes don't match anything. Failure all around. The end.

outfit copy

A better outfit except that my shoes are untied for some reason.

I love these shoes. They are my tallest heels, save for my giant leopard print platforms. They transform my pedo-tastic schoolgirl dress and make me look more sophisticated, more adult. Plus these shoes give me mile long legs. As in my legs are so long that people accuse me of walking on stilts.

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