04 November 2009

Poker Face

I have a love/hate relationship with Lady Gaga. On one hand, she is a crazy person who made that terrible "disco stick" song that my roommate would play in her car every time we went to get groceries.

On the other hand, Lady Gaga is a crazy person who literally walks around in a leotard and Muppets. And she makes a bazillion dollars by doing that. And "Poker Face" is a ridiculous video with a very catchy tune. She's a mixture of Euro-trash and a performance artist's senior project.

Kermit noooooo!

Meanwhile, Christopher Walken is the beloved icon of many geeks and internet dwellers. Mr. Walken is a mixture of creepy, awkward, and awesome. He probably can shoot lasers out of his eyes

Lady Gaga as read by Christopher Walken

Man, you've really made it if Christopher Walken is somehow involved in making fun of you.

Bonus: Jude Law dramatic reading of "Poker Face".


enterrement vie de garçon Paris said...

This video is so funny, I like Christopher walken

enterrement vie de garçon said...

On voit le vrai coté artistique de ce grand acteur Christopher Walken et dans le même temps la vacuité des paroles de Lady Gaga. Mais le rythme est prenant et la chanson reste gravée dans la tête