09 November 2009

Christmas Shoes

Target has had their Christmas decorations up by the end of September. Many other stores lagged behind, with their holiday displays appearing the week before Halloween. Now that Thanksgiving is nearing, it is ok to indulge in a little early Christmas spirit.

But how to celebrate the holidays in a new way? Your Christmas sweater from last year shrunk in the wash. Holidays sweatshirts with tress that light up and play music on your chest are reserved for That One Woman in your office; if you try it, she'll get angry and tell everyone that you're copying her style.

You're too cool for all that. You need Christmas themed shoes.

Oh Irregular Choice, you're silly humorous ways make holiday shoes look ridiculous and awesome at the same time. You're the magical fairy of ridiculous footwear to people like me who cannot afford crazy runway shoes.


WendyB said...

That's for sure -- no one can top that shirt!

That corgi :) said...

those shoes are too cute! certainly can only wear them for a very limited time :)


GLC said...

Betty - You could get tons of use out of these shoes! Christmas season is about a month to two months. You might be able to wear these shoes in January too. And if you're very sneaky, you could wear the red, white, and blue ones for Independence Day in July and hope no one knows the sweater texture.

Pattern Junkie said...

Irregular Choice, how I love you!